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Default Carb sealing

Assembling my engine and I already see that I'll probably need a way to seal the carb to the intake tube to avoid air leaks. Any suggestions?

I know some of you have used silicone sealant but obviously that would have to be done on the outside of the tube/carb joint and I want to avoid the messy-silicone look. I know that some of the websites also sell an O-ring that's fuel resistant that seats on the little ridge in the carb entrance. I'm leaning towards ordering one but I hate to wait. So I checked my local plumbing shops and they have tons of the right size O-rings (3/4" diameter) but of course they're rubber and so not so good for fuel. Even if I use just a regular rubber O-ring and have to change it every couple of weeks when it degrades I could live with that. Any other options?

What solutions have you guys used?
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