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Hi my name is Joseph (16 years old) I'm just jumping into the gas bikes , i have worked with engines before but none with so many "problems" and variables i design aircraft and software so engines come naturally to me , however i have never boost ported an engine I ordered a Grubee skyhawk GT5 66/80 cc slant head. I have read through many many pages on this site to see what needs to be done i have already ordered a tuned pipe, boost tube ( i know some swear by them some at them) hd axel kit i still have the stock carb but have looked at performance mods for it and some other parts for the bike. I ran short on money so i couldnt get the carb i wanted which was a dellorto im still choosing between muniki and dellorto im going to get a sheet of gasket material for re-doing the engine , and i plan to boost port it and work on the intakes , as well as skirt the pistion i have a very steady hand from working with aircraft parts. ANY pics on porting and skirting along with measurements would be greatly appreciated .

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