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Default Re: Fuel tank mounts too small, suggestions?

I know, I thought the same thing about the studs, that must have been what was left of the threaded rod, and they didn't want to waste it. You have to love Chinese inconsistency!

I think I understand what you are describing and drawing. Piece of steel mounts to the front and back studs on each side. Nut on each side of the steel pieces onto the studs. Then the additional holes are used to mount U-Bolts up through the plate and around the bottom the top tube and secured against the steel pieces.

Is that about right?

I have a customer that is a genius with a welder. My other thought was to have him cut the studs and weld longer studs onto the tank. I don't know jack about welding, so not sure if it's doable or not, considering the thickness of the fuel tank.
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