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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare

I can't believe how fun this is to ride!

It's like a semi-automatic transmission.
I can lay on the power and move through the gears without letting up, and then back off the throttle and the engine drops to idle but the bike just keeps coasting at full speed.

The dual pull brakes are awesome too, she stops in on dime.

Everything seemed fine as I took it to higher speeds but then it happened... Threw the pedal chain.
I figured I just didn't have the pedal chain tight enough and tried it again and sure enough, threw it again cruising top end for awhile.

Then it dawned on me, there was something in the kit I hadn't installed...

How handy for that to be included.
I will remember to put it on before I mount the motor next time, but I got it in.

That seems to have fixed it but no more outside anything until morning, it's 105F (40.5C) outside right now.

One thing is for sure, I love this bike.
Despite all the hard work to make it, it rides exactly how I expected, like a luxury motorcycle.
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