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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare

I don't have a vice so I improvised ;-}
Introducing the Tailpipe Bending Truck Vise.

That is the test pipe I had that blew it's wad in the street.

I tried the good pipe first but I couldn't budge it and have nothing that can go around the muffler outside for leverage, so I will wait until I have some heat.

It was easy to test with this pipe, I have leverage on it.

I un-bent the curve about 5 degrees and that cleared the frame, but it is still outside too much to clear the the left pedal crank.

So I put it back in my truck-vice and tweaked it about 5 degrees in and that did the trick.

It actually fits quite nice and points almost straight down.

My "vise" did flatten the pressure point (blue circle) of the bend a bit so I'll put one of those curved cast iron motor mount brackets under it with something soft like a rag between them to spare the paint.

Thanks for the help guys, I should baring any more problems I should be operational soon now.
Actually, I am pretty tempted to go run it with the megaphone tailpipe just to try it out ;-}
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