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Default Re: Do springer front ends actually work?

Originally Posted by fat daddy View Post
Hey Salty Gator I've been thinking about some springer forks myself and looking on E-Bay ect. my question is that every fork I see advertised has around 9 1/2 inch neck(thru frame),and I got a Huffy cruiser and the neck that is on the stock fork is about 6 1/2 inches. I noticed in the pic you posted that there seems to be a space between the lock nut and the bearing retainer at the top which is understandeable because the top of the locknut is 7/8 ID and the tube is 1 inch OD,so how do you keep the bearing from becoming loose.

What ya have to do is simply pay attention....if it becomes a tad loose....torque it back down....I think I missed an additional nut to prevent that from occurring....I'm just too lazy to tear it apart and put one on but I've not had a single issue so far...only torqued the nut down twice.....I got that springer fork from's one and an eighth threaded...only took me about 15 minutes to install.....made a WORLD of difference too....not only in comfort but cosmetically as well....they also come in all chrome if that's your fancy.....this bike is ridden daily anywhere from 20 to 30 miles .glad to help !

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