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Default Re: dynamic crankshaft balancing

Hey foureasy that crank you offer sounds like a sweet deal. And for a what your asking I'm interested but have to ask a few questions:

Is the crank you offer for the standard 66 CC (what they call the 80 CC engine)?

Assuming a yes on the above I would imagine your crank is made is made to work with the stock piston. No mods or cuts on the piston and stock wrist pin. I ordered a spare piston some time ago for my engine from someone and it clearly came with a wrist pin for a smaller piston?!?!? Aside from slopping side to side it would have weighed less had I used it. Maybe the question to ask here is what combined piston an wrist pin weight is your crank made for?

I live in a an area with lots of hills. It's killer when you have to stop at one and restart. I've been thinking of going to a 50 tooth rear and making up top end speed loss with higher engine rpm, the built in "vibration rpm limiter" of the stock engine setting the current limit with 44 teeth in the rear at around 34 mph. your crank might get me some of the way there.


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