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Default Re: Clutch arm questions

By the way in your manual (if you got one), does it talk about how to modify the spring tension inside the motor? The access cover for the adjustment washer on yours appears totally absent. Hope they adjusted it well from factory.

EDIT: and btw, the return spring also seems to restrict the arm from wobbling around due to vibrations while the engine is in gear. If you pull off that cover and look at it, there's a small pin (1 or 2 mm thick) that goes through the inside of the cover which holds that arm in place. If that arm is constantly vibrating, there's a chance the pin will actually wear to the point to which it won't hold that arm in place and when you pull it into neutral, it'l simply pop out and the motor will be stuck in gear until you open up the cover and stick it back in.

Getting that pin out can be a real pain (I've had to do it twice) so take care of it, put that return spring back on.

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