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Default Clutch arm questions

I am having issues with my clutch arm and have done pretty extensive research (IMO) and think there is something wrong with my clutch arm. I am trying to link the cable to the clutch arm.

I have read numerous posts that mention that the smaller spring on the clutch cable is not needed, that you can just use the big spring to protect the cable from the heat of the engine. The posts also say that the inner spring is sufficient enough to make the necessary adjustments.

However, when I attach the clutch cover (and arm) back on the engine, the clutch arm moves very freely, there is no 'spring return' what so ever. This doesn't seem right from what every one is describing, and I'm afraid that maybe there is a broken spring inside the housing that attaches the clutch arm to the clutch housing?

Should the clutch arm move freely, when attached, with no spring return? Am I missing an adjustment somewhere? The clutch arm right now is very loose, if I install with the smaller spring, it pulls the clutch arm in all the way, which is opposite of what should happen. This is probably just a silly oversight on my part (I'm hoping).

Hopefully, what I'm describing makes sense. I am posting pictures, just in case it doesn't. This is the first hitch I've hit, everything else has been a breeze.
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