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Originally Posted by nogoodnic View Post
Hey Kulana, have you re-enforced your fenders yet? Wally World bikes are known for the fenders falling off while riding and causing some really bad accidents. There is a thread somwhere on how to re-enforce them, I'll try to find it for you...Kelly
Not thread stealing, just replying:

you mean like this?

It's a Schwinn comfort seat - $20.00 - very comfy when Kruising.

My elevation is 4,600 feet, I have a Powerking 80 - or whatever, and have my fuel setting on the first clip closest to the end of the end of the cable.
I haven't had any problems at all and have 160 miles on mine now.
I use a 20:1 ratio - which I use a paint mix ratio cup, and shows exactly 6.4 onces for 1 gallon of gas.
I use Amsoil - Interceptor, and it has worked great. Almost no blow-by through the exhaust at all.
I decided to check my plug today, and here is the result: - looks perfect to me. - ok, I guess not, I have been limited to only 4 pic's.
I still think your problem is elsewhere. Again check the carb to see if it's perfectly vertical.

Krusing Syle,

Troy Fitz.


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