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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare

I loose fit the motor on the bike and that is when the forward crank reared it's ugly head and asked "Can you see me now?".

With the chain lined up perfectly it hits the motor!

It didn't hit by much, if I could have raised the motor 6" it would clear, but I had no room at all.
There is only 4" of total motor movement so the solution had to come another way.

I wasted a couple of days messing around with trying design an idler pulley to get around the motor and then the guy at sickbikes had me try just moving the jackshaft sprocket out a bit.

That worked I thought.

But the angle was just too much and the chain kept coming off so I had to move the jackshaft sprocket out some.

I just put washers between the freewheel bearing and the sprocket.

And then it came to mounting the front.
I had no choice but to go with a bolt through the frame and it is nearly impossible to get to.

Very messy way to mount, but it works.
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