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Default Re: Catalytic converter? Huh???

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
There's at least four different muffler styles commonly available, two different internally baffled & two different catalytic types... I'm sure there's others ....
Thanks for that info. The baffles on mine have pretty large holes in them so that I have a good view inside the whole muffler and I don't see anything that would hint at a honeycomb assembly like the one Kevlarr posted and the design is much different than the cat cutaway that Cabinfever1977 posted since Cabinfever's doesn't seem to be baffled. Mine then seems to be one of the internally baffled versions.

Obviously I'll know for sure when I cut my muffler apart after it ends its service life but this still begs the question: I know it's just the sticker on the side of my engine that claims this but how is mine 2009 EPA certified if it lacks a cat? Oh well.
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