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Default Re: 4g 2010 Delmar Fatboy

Originally Posted by abikerider View Post
I'm also ordering some oilite bushings from Mcmaster-Carr to see if they make any difference. The stock bushing just doesn't seem very "oily". I don't trust the quality of the chinese bushing. Other than this clutch grabbing nuisance, I am really liking the way it rides. I have a Manic Mechanic 36 tooth sprocket in the back with the 11 tooth freewheel pulley so my final reduction is 5/1 x 36/11 = 16.36:1. I only pedal a few strokes to get going and I've had it going 36mph on the flats. It just cruises at 30mph. It's pretty flat here in Sacramento so no need for lower gearing. I will get the 10 tooth output shaft and sprocket when it becomes available and that should lower my top speed by 10% or 3.6 mph. I can live with a top speed of 32.5mph and it should help my starts. If it doesn't work out, I know I can get a 5/8 bore 11 tooth sprocket from Grainger. I hope my 11 tooth freewheel pulley holds up until then.

My next step is developing the alternator for this engine. I should get my laminated alternator core tomorrow and then the experimenting really begins!
I was looking on the Komet gokart site and they sell all kinds of clutch springs for different rpms it is nice to know the size of the springs to try from the hardware store. I was thinking maybe drilling holes in the shoe would be the easiest way to remove material and keep the shoes closer to the same weight. I am going to get the springs from the hardware store for sure. This thread is very very helpful to me Thanks guys!! Other than that the 4G 5/8 HS combo has been a joy to ride.
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