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Default Re: 4g 2010 Delmar Fatboy

I wish we where talking about all of this in my help for the 4G thread this has been really good stuff. Now when it comes to the generator I really hope you get it working I want one so bad. As for the bushing it only dose its job when it is idling and that is not that often. And your top speed is the highest 4G top speed I have heard of so far. I can tell you the reason why is because the clutch on the 5/8 4G is bigger than the one on the standard 4G. So here is a great piece of news I am taking a Huasheng 142F-cc 49cc to a hight performance shop where they build racing go carts and hes is going to build me a higher horse power Huasheng engine he is even going to dyno it. I will be putting them on the website. I am hoping he will teach me what to do to the engines so I can do it my self and save some money on the price of the higher performance engine. that is exciting

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