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Default Re: The upgrade!! Electra "rat rod" frame mod.

Hey Nolan. It was a little of both actually. It started just because of funtionality. But I gotta say this, someone told me a slanthead fits in that little space but I had already purchased this one and wasn't about to buy a diff setup just on this guys hunch. First off I woulda had to cut that bar ANYWAY with a non slanthead mounted naturally. Iff I raised it I though that bar and also that little triangle of metal I figured it'd be in the way for the carb. Also I'd have to bend the pedal cranks as they were hitting the engine block if it was sitting in it's normal setup position. Now on to the looks. This Electra rat rod is extremely spaced out for a cruiser frame. It's a nice chopper feel and since I had to cut that middle bar anyway I juft figured why not use that space. Throw the engine in the middle and leave it floating. I basicLly didn't want a cut bar, huge space in the middle o frame, and tiny little engine on the bottom. Figure make it look like a chopper since this frame was asking for it. The only changes was I had to get 2 415 chains and add like 15 links from on to the other to just get a super long chain. And besides that just the mounts. Can't wait to weld the other on. It's gonna be SO stable. All torque no vibration. Hopefully. P.s. The sbp exp. Exhaust fits perfectly and unmodified except for header length which is tuneable anyways. Def would have had to shorten the pipes if engine was sitting low. Here's a full pic but this is without the welded mount yet.

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