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Default Re: 4g 2010 Delmar Fatboy

Originally Posted by abikerider View Post
I just tried lowering the idle and it still grabs a little even when the idle is so low that it is ready to stall. Sooo, the problem is not a high idle. Also, it makes a little tinging sound while it is trying to grab. It really does seem like the clutch springs are too weak but I will try soaking the bushing again.
Hey abikerider I resoaked my bearing a couple of times too and i inspected the clutch and the clutchsprings seem very soft and one spring seems softer than the others two. all my clutchspings are adjusted til the clutch adjustment nuts until they stop. i know my old hoot gearbox cutch springs are so strong i can barely pull the clutch shoes apart, but the 4G clutch shoes use very little effort to pull them apart. i know they are different but wow those honda 4G springs are very weak. Is there anything else we can do like a firmer clutch spring or lighter clutch shoes. i love the 4G accept for that pesky clutch.
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