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Seal All is a failure at bonding plastic. I used it in two ways. One was to put it around a place where I felt there was a fuel leak. So far after just one day there is no fuel coming out of that place.

The other way it was used is as a contact adhesive. The instructions explained about cleaning the areas well. I did that with degreaser and then alcohol. I put the Seal All on each part of the plastic to be joined. I let each cure for five minutes before joining the parts together. This morning I assembled the air cleaner where the glue had been applied and rode to work. To be safe I attached the parts with small strands of wire in case the glue didn't hold.

When I arrived at work 8.2 miles away everything was together. When I got home I examined the air cleaner and saw that the Seal All did not make a strong bond and the plastic parts had separated.

I really want to find a velocity stack that will mount to my carburetor. I don't know of any shops that have them. They did exist because Tanaka actually sold a kit that had one as part of a carburetor kit. They stopped selling it a few years ago and the Tanaka parts guy doesn't know where they bought those parts.

There is still a fuel leak but now I don't know where it is from. It is coming from somewhere around the place around the carburetor. The leak is so slow that I can't find a drip point. I just see dirty oily streaks on the gas tank.

I didn't know about this leak until the other ones were sealed. Do carburetors actually leak around the spot where they mount to the motor? How could such a tiny motor with such low compression blow a seal? I'm going to keep cleaning the area looking for the origin of the leak. Eventually I'll find it.

If it is a gasket are there any reliable gasket repair products? I see them in parts stores but I've always wondered if they really work.
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