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Default Tensioner yes/no

The tensioner that came with the kit didn't lineup at all and looked flismy, I ended up fabbing up my own out of flatstock and adel clamps. It worked fine, but the roller that I took off the kit tensioner is a bit short. There aren't enough threads to safely secure it to the mount. As proof, it came off the other day and broke the chain in the process of coming to a stop. Luckily I didn't dump the bike or hit the ground.

I ended up removing the broken part of the chain and hooking everything back up. Now, both chains are nice and snug around their sprockets with the wheel set in place. It's like removing those couple of links took all the slack out of the chain.

Should I bother with the tensioner anymore? I'd need to lengthen the chain at this point. What are the pros and cons of not using a tensioner? I've read a few of them in various posts along the way, but I can't find any one post that had both pros and cons.
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