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Default Catalytic converter? Huh???

I've read some references here about catalityc converters on these engines. Do these engines actually come with catalityc converters? Obviously I haven't cut my muffler apart but when I take the end cap off and peer inside my muffler (PK/Zoom 80) all I see is a long empty tube and a few baffles. I don't see any chambers that would have the honeycomb or any catalyst. Also since the typical catalyst is platinum-iridium and we all know the prices of these metals and prices auto cat converters if these buggers actually had a cat converter the muffler alone would cost more than the engine. Or am I wrong here? What's the real skinny?

BTW, the sticker on my engine says:
Pihzou Yongxing Gasoline Engine Factory
1. "meets U.S. 2009 EPA regulations"
2. "emissions compliance period: 50hrs" (or is that the engine life? LOL)
3. "EPA certificate #......"
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.
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