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Default Re: Clutch help needed!!!!

So here's a quick update. Over the weekend I reworked the threads on the mandrel shaft. My thread guages couldn't 'read' the pitch of the Chinese threads (LOL) so I used the closest die I could find which turned out to be the M6X1.0. Then a trip to the hardware store netted me a new nut for the mandrel shaft. Now I just gotta rework the flower nut itself and I'll be ready to go. I'll be posting pics of my solution soon.

CLUTCH GEAR: With the clutch arm depressed I had enough clearance to cut the threads without taking off the clutch gear which is a good thing too because I did try taking it off with the supplied puller and it didn't want to budge even though I was at the point of almost stripping the puller. I'll save this fun task for when I actually take the whole engine apart after some riding.

BTW, While at the hardware store I also picked up some regular grade 5 nuts (M8 if I recall) for the head to replace those pesky acorns. I noticed with the acrons when I tried to torque the head the case bolts were digging into the roof of the acorns. So instead of filing/cutting the studs a thread or two I just got the new nuts.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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