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Default Re: 1960's rollfast...

Originally Posted by mrfoochie View Post
howdy folks, i'm pretty new here and i have a couple questions for those wise in the ways of the motoredbike... i just got a skyhawk gt5 and can't decide on a bike... i have a 58 schwinn typhoon which i love to pedal and am hesitant to put the motor on... i also have a 60's rollfast with the twin top tubes and skinny second tube... i believe it is the same type of frame bairdco used for his first build... it feels so chintzy compared to the schwinn... is it an el cheapo or am i just a sucker for schwinn brazing? if i remember correctly bairdco's rollfast broke... was that anomalous or should i definitely not use the rollfast? i have thought about biting the bullet and ordering a worksman because i want the wheels, spokes, and front drum any way... what do you all think? thanks...
The Schwinn Typhoon you have would make a good ride. If it has middleweight wheels there's enough room to mount heavy duty balloon tire rims, such as from Husky. (I'm guessing by 58 they were middleweights with 1.175 rims.) I motorized a couple of 63 Schwinn Americans and found the frames were quite strong, got heavy duty wheels for them and a front cantilever brake adapter. The middleweight fenders need to be adapted a bit, but can be made to work.
As for the Worksman, the HT engine is s snug fit, but they are great bikes. As for their being ugly, I don't agree with my friend Baridco, but it is all a matter of personal taste. A brand new Worksman with a new motor would be real nice...
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