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Default 1960's rollfast...

howdy folks, i'm pretty new here and i have a couple questions for those wise in the ways of the motoredbike... i just got a skyhawk gt5 and can't decide on a bike... i have a 58 schwinn typhoon which i love to pedal and am hesitant to put the motor on... i also have a 60's rollfast with the twin top tubes and skinny second tube... i believe it is the same type of frame bairdco used for his first build... it feels so chintzy compared to the schwinn... is it an el cheapo or am i just a sucker for schwinn brazing? if i remember correctly bairdco's rollfast broke... was that anomalous or should i definitely not use the rollfast? i have thought about biting the bullet and ordering a worksman because i want the wheels, spokes, and front drum any way... what do you all think? thanks...
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