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Question Friction Drive Setup Anyone.?

Well, I want to set up a motorized bike for my little wife, she aint but 5'2" and I bought her a 24" womens mountain bike that she can ride pretty good, only thing is, it's a full suspension bike with no possible way to mount a 2 stroke in frame set up, so I've been looking at the friction drive set up for her bike, I found a 52cc 2 stroke engine that has the required 76MM centrifical clutch and is claimed to be a very good engine, it's priced @ $119.00 I'm thinking the 30-40cc 2 & 4 stroke engines would be a little weak in the pants, the 52cc is rated at 2HP and I found another one that is rated @ 4HP but it's $255.00 just for the engine, it's claimed to turn a strong smooth 11,000 RPM's though......maybe a bit much for the wife...! but might suit me just fine....!

Anyway, does anyone here have any experience with the Friction drive set up, I know some have said they will slip when wet but I have seen video of people like "Thats Dax" demonstrating how they have none of the slipping issues with theirs, below is a link to the engines I'm looking at.

Any info. will be appreciated

49cc/52cc Scooter Engine with Manual Pull Start - EPA Certified

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