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Default Re: Free Listing for Your Motor Bike website

Don't know about all that, but I'm working on a price comparison (similar to amazon) type site for all the sponsors, and also specific vendors on eBay we know a little about like BoyGoFast and Luckyearbird or whatever it's called. Once about every 2 weeks it'l automatically re-index each site to update prices, whats in and out of stock, etc.

Sucks to build though cuz I've got to make a separate program in PHP for each site since they're all different. Ya'll need to work on getting some RSS feeds or something. Should be done in a few weeks.

And don't worry vendors, I'm aware of the fact that many of you have limited bandwidth. You aren't going to see repetitive waves completely indexing every single product over and over again. At the most I'd do it once a week per site while testing.

Gonna try and find someone to include a plugin on a site, forum, or blog that gets a decent amount of visitors (similar to how the google search feature works here) & split the ad $$ (I'm pretty sure Google Adsense has something that automatically does it).
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