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Default Re: Rear wheel locks when disengaging clutch, no engine start is this normal?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
It sounds like you could benefit from a spring loaded chain tensioner.
Yea, been reading those threads, problem is my chain tensioner location is rather awkward due to the small chainstays on the proflex, hers some pics. Any suggestions for something I could whip up quick? was thinking of trying a single speed bicycle chainstay mounted tensioner. We have no tractor supply places that I know of in BC

Noooo don't say replace the shock, the whole reason I used the proflex was for the shocks lol or else I could have stuck it on my 1980's road Apollo bike and had a lot less hassle. I enjoy the process don't get me wrong, I seriously thought at first it was the motor because you could not see the chain jamming and everything looked fine. Its subtle, but as you more experienced people probably know the littlest bit of slack or offset chain can jam the tiny sprocket case.

I knew this wouldn't be simple due to the weird rear end of this bike.

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