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Default Re: What a great forum

Thanks guys, I was just out in the garage while ago studying those photos I pulled off the net. It came to me that that TAS looks almost like a white handle bar basket. So I started thinking....ya know maybe I could disguise it to look like a handle bar basket with one of those white woven plastic baskets ya see on little girls bikes ? Possibly put some things in it to make it look like a basket full of groceries etc ? With a well thought out muffler....I was thinking of mounting an umbrella on the right side on the fork with the muffler at the bottom lookin like it's the support for the end of the umbrella. The TAS runs at 50:1 anyhow so I don't think it would be too smokey ? Hmmmm

You'd thinks cops would have better things to be suspicious of than some poor guy trying not to have to pour his paycheck in the gas tank each week.

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