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Default Re: 50 tooth sprocket?

I have a 54 tooth sprocket. I wanted one this big because I built this bike primarily for off-road and for fire roads in the mountains that are very steep (can barely make it up them on a non motorized bike in first gear). It has plenty of instantanious torque. When I ride it on a flat road I think it will go 20 but rides more cumfortably around 15 mph. The cool thing is it goes from barely rolling to 20 very quickly (seems like about a second). I also have a 38T and it is too fast for my comfort and at slower speeds the engine struggles. It is like my Yamaha R6 sport bike, is only happy when going fast. I like cruising around 15mph with the big sprocket on the road. It is more like the normal speed of a bicycle but the engine does the work. One other thing is I think it is much easier on the engine and will make it last longer. The load put on the engine with the smaller sprockets can't be too good. With the bigger sprocket it effortlessly sings along very smoothly and less four stroking.
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