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Default Resistor Cap and Resistor Plug Question

Newbie's 1st question here, so hello, glad to be here......

I recently purchased an NGK BPR6HIX plug for my StarFire 48cc engine as an upgrade to the junk plug that came with the engine kit. Then the cap that came with the engine kit cracked as soon as I put it onto my new plug. So today, I purchased a NGK spark plug resistor cap and about 5 feet of silicone jacketed copper stranded ignition wire, 7mm.

The spark plug and the resistor cover are both rated for 5 ohms of impedance.

Will having both the plug and the cover providing 5 ohms of resistance overly reduce the voltage from the CDI? My thinking ( after I purchased, of course) is it that the cover (cap) will reduce the voltage before the spark plug, and then be reduced again at the plug. I am mid-way through my first build, so there is no way to test until I complete everything.

Hopefully, I'm over thinking this one and it won't be in issue. Any ideas or advice?
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