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Default What a great forum

Hey everyone, Noob here. Yep another "Buckeye" from O-hi-O ! I'm down here around the Gallipolis area with "Mothman" and I call myself an "Appalachian American".

What brings me here is I'm finally going to try to set an old Tas QBM-23N I've had laying around in the box on a bike I fixed up like a Schwinn Suburban.

When I purchased the motor the fellow had removed it from his kid bike realizing he just wasn't safe on it and thought he'd act fast before real trouble
broke out. What I got was the motor unit. The small bracket that goes on the base of the right fork is missing, the muffler, the throttle/killswitch, and the inside securing brackets to bolt the engine fast to the fork tubes. I figure I can fabricate some of the stuff myself. I've had the motor awhile but the Info Superhighway was still a two lane dirt road back when I got the little Tas. Recently.....ya know it.....$4.00+ gas got me thinking about the project again. It could be a shot at doing alot of my local errands at 200+ mpg.

I found the "Acrobat" parts list download and images today on the Tanaka site. In the past I couldn't find much info on it but gas was like a dollar a gallon back then.

What I'd like to find is the point's and plug gap's & Carb needle settings and what other info applies. This motor is probably not even broken in yet. I figure from the way the guy I purchased it from talked, he made his kid think someone stold the motor rather than telling him he just wasn't ready for it. All he told me was his kid wasn't old enough and soon lost interest in it to baseball. But I figured he was on the level cause he owned the bicycle shop where I purchased it.

So, that's about me and my motorizedbike project.

Would love to hear from any other Tas QBM-23N owners, past owners, and those with any experience with one.

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