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Default Re: Rear wheel locks when disengaging clutch, no engine start is this normal?

Originally Posted by kyl 46&2 View Post
is your clutch pushed all the way in? when i first started playin with these motors i didn't know that it took a good amount of force to get the clutch all the way in(disengaged) i went so far as to buy a second kit thinking my first one was a lemon.
I assume so since when I pull in the lever and lock the hand lever I can move the wheel (sprocket).

So to start the engine this is what I am doing.

Open choke, gas.

1) Pull in the hand lever and lock it with the pin which pulls the clutch and I can move

2) Pedal up to speed

3) Release the lock pin on the clutch hand lever

4) Engine supposed to start?

right now all it does is lock my tire and lay a nice patch of rubber... not too good for the chain either I would imagine.
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