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Default Hello from Sedona AZ

Recently became interested in motorized bicycles and have been gleaning as much info as I can from this site and some of the suppliers sites. This is a great site with what appears to be a lot of friendly, knowledgeable and helpful people. I'm currently looking locally to possibly buy an existing 2stroke. If I like it I'll let my wife try it out and if she likes it I have an old/virtually new Giant 880 motorized bicycle I would like to build with a 4stroker - I'm a fairly heavy guy at 250# and I like the idea of changing oil more than mixing plus I'm to understand the 4's are more durable, quieter & smoother albeit heavier & larger. Just not sure I can fit it in the 880 frame and not sure I want a rear engine placement.

There's a couple in the area for sale ... what appears to be a virtually new Huffy cruiser 2stroker, a good looker, for $450 and the other is a Spooky, survival looking bike, decently outfitted for what I want ... tool about town & quick grocery trips for $175 but needs new top end (top end build kit is only $50). Both prices seem good ... the Spooky being by far the best deal & would give me a little wrenching experience but my wife would definitely appreciate the pretty Huffy more, lol.
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