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Default Fitting a 49cc Honda on my bike... Pretty new to this

I've got a GXH50 and I want to put it on my bicycle. There are two things that are a concern to me.

1. My bike has 21 speeds and I'm worried this might interfere with a chain drive. Will it? Chain drives sound preferable to friction drives, so I'd rather use a chain.

2. I need to buy a mounting kit, but I'm worried the ones I have found may not be ideal. My mechanic swears that Chinese steel is almost always poor quality, and I can only find kits that are of Chinese make. Can anyone comment on this? Agree/disagree?

Here are the two that I'm looking at.
49cc Mounting Kit Only - $219.99

49cc Chain Drive 4 Cycle OHC Rear Mount Gas Motorized Bicycle Kit | All Gas Powered Bicycle Motors | Live Fast Motors - Gas Motorized Bicycles and Gas Powered Bicycle Motors

Edit: The second one includes an engine, so you can disregard it. I might ask them to sell me the chain drive only though.

Advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

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