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Default Re: blueprinting not hotrodding

My PK came just like Nolan_speed's with the head installed so the plug points forward (towards the exhaust). Honestly I don't think it would make much of a difference which way the plug points, except that if you point it forward and mount your little black box on the front tube your plug wire can be shorter than if you pointed it towards the back (towards the carb).

As for the 2 head gaskets after Bairdco's comment I'm starting to reconsider. Why not just have one thicker gasket or mill the head or case deck less at the factory to have a thinner gasket like he says. Makes sense. That second gasket could very well be a spare. I'll do the putty test and if all is well with plug clearance I'll probably end up using just one as well when I install my engine.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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