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Default Re: blueprinting not hotrodding

there are some motors that come with two head gaskets installed. PK's are one of the brands. i was arguing with someone before about that. if you need to use 2 head gaskets to keep the piston from hitting, that's just a poor design. why wouldn't they machine the head flange larger, or make a thicker gasket? to me, coming like that from the factory is pretty lame.

also, almost all kits come with a spare.

i've re-used them plenty of times with no problems. i probably took the head off one of my motors 10 times, and the gasket still held up.

as long as your careful removing it and re-installing it, and you check it for deformation, cracks, dings, whatever, it should be ok.

if it was any other kinda motor, i'd replace it everytime, but it's not. it's the definition of low-tech. so low-tech in fact, that i've heard of people using aluminum paint and no gasket, and the d amn things still run...
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