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Default Problems 80cc Jet bike motor??

My questions are 1/ Do they work well in the rain?? Here it rains a lot!!
2/ From the start it never ran well or faster past 3/4s can I get more speed??
Now it goes a little faster for a bit then slows down a lot like there is a LOT of drag and runs BAD untill I let off the trottule back to 3/4s throttule and it will not let me use more gas, or I go slower!!??
3/ From the start it "NEVER" idled, at all, I tried the mixture screw(from 4-full turns to 6) where SHOULD it be set to idle like it should?? Now I have to restart at EVERY light and stop?? I am at sea level!!

I am thrilled with the one I bought in Canada about 1 1/2 months ago, but I think I made a big mistake when I cleaned it at a do it yourself car wash place with a presure hose, yes it stopped working right, now it is very hard to start(needs much more speed to start)!!?? AND it is running a little slower but it is running!!?? 1/ What could it have done......spark plug(I did do it cold)??
2/ carb....messed it up?? ....................I am at a loss??

IThese are GREAT.......the 50,70,80 all look the same......witch is great because only the 50 is legal to run on the roads without insurance and a drivers lisence.....whitch is good for me because I dont have a lisence!! No I just let it expire after a very bad accident(a kids fault completely)(I was crippled for 7 years but healthy now) because I am to nervouse to drive now!!
Do you have more info that can help me,........but I "DO" thank-you for that!!
I am old school.....learned hands on......never was trained at all......learned from working with rebuilders and race car builders...

Dan...............In British Columbia Canada
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