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Default Re: blueprinting not hotrodding

Originally Posted by nolan_speed View Post
I pulled both gaskets off then set the head back on the cylinder (but didn't bolt it down) and spun the engine over a few times and nothing made contact. I put just one of the gaskets back on and it runs much better now with a little more compression. Stock I think they only have like 6:1 or something which is super low, a little more compression shouldn't hurt anything.
My slant head was delivered with a spare head gasket also. It is my belief that the second one is provided should you want or need to flip the spark plug orientation. According to what I learned eons ago in the '70s during my dirtbike days, you should never re-use a head gasket! It appears that someone did the head flip on your motor and didn't remove the old head gasket. If you DO use 2 head gaskets you should "glue" them together with a product called Copper Coat which is a heat resistant head gasket adhesive that comes in a spray can.
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