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It's amazing the things you see when your attention is turned on to a specific thing. I have never seen a motorized bike in person but this morning that changed. A young 14 year old kid drove by on one and I jumoed in my truck to try and catch him.

He turned around and saw me follow him so he stepped on the gas thinking he was in trouble. My speedometer clocked him at 53 miles per hour......on a mountain bike!!!!

He finally stopped and I cought up to him. He was white as a sheet thinking he was in serious trouble when I got out of my truck. I had to explain I was just trying to check it out and then he had a big smile.

It turns out he just bought it from a neighbor who sold it to buy another one but larger in size. He also said that it has been trouble free and he runs it every day.

Needless to say, I was very impressed although worried about a young kid going that fast so I tried to explain to him he could get hurt going that fast. Anyhow, I'm sold.......I think i'm going to hit my drafting table and draw up plans for a frame to try and custom build one like.

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