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Default Manic Mechanic Hub Adaptor

Got a few questions on this.
  1. Which one fits a Cranbrook (I'm guessing the CB-110?)
  2. How do they mount up? Do they clamp solidly on the hub somehow or do they just sit on the spokes?
  3. Do I have to re-spoke the wheel to fit it inside? (wouldn't bother me, but would like to know)
  4. Are they self-truing? Nothing to center, just bolt on?
  5. If the wheel isn't 100% true (I do mine on a vice & use a marked 2x4 stood on end to eyeball it), will that affect the sprocket being true to the hub?
  6. What happens if I get chain-to-tire rub? Is there a way to adjust it?

Thanks. Just getting sick of the rag-joint thing having to be redone 3 or 4 times every time I pull it off, and braking like 3 bolts every time I do it.

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