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Default Re: Slipping Centrifugal Clutch

Very true, corgi1!
My mind just went back to the most recent thread concerning this exact problem.
For saetta's sake. I hope that it is as easy as a simple flower nut adjustment.
Now I wonder how tight his clutch cable is when in the engaged position.

As for doing a conversion back to a manual clutch, yes, the parts should interchange.
You will have to be careful that the gear teeth mesh correctly though. I doubt that they will fit together too tightly, but they may fit too loose. They need to overlap each other by at least 75% for good power transfer. If the peaks of one gear go all the way down into the valleys of the other gear too tightly it will cause a horrible whining, moreso than they normally whine, which is alot, and cause excessive wear.
Try corgi1's suggestion first.
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