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Default Re: The upgrade!! Electra "rat rod" frame mod.

I appreciate all the concern. I do. Cause when I first put it on the craigslist cruiser I had no idea how dangerous it all could be. And I read about a guy who's front tire blew out on him. I took a lot of precautions stepping everything up as far as materials and hardware. Just having the engine on this bike i can tell it's a much safer ride. By far. Now all that aside this mount setup was originally just a front mount. And I mounted the engine right to the seatpost on the craigslist bike. On that I was already having problems with the studs rattling out of the engine block. So although the nut would not loosen the engine would shake and cause the bolt to loosen out of he engine. On this re-build I used thread lock on every bolt and nut connection. Just having the engine sitting on the plates and not being pulled down by the bolts that would connect to the downtube it's much more stable. The plates support the engine and the nut just comes up and tightens from the bottom. A Lot less strain. Then there's thread locked nuts and washers on each side of the plate at every connection. This isn't o say it doesn't have a little rattle. But very little. not enough to foam the fuel which was possible on the last bike. It may look gimpy but I feel confident that if you guys were looking at it personally you would feel the same way. Over all it's way sturdier than my last bike. Which was the goal. And also I think she looks mean with the engin sitting up in there like that. Anyways here she is. Just finished.
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