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Default Re: Looks good but is slow...

I'm pretty sure your engine is flooding, you say you get a some improvement at wide open throddle. Running a flooding engine at wot will clear the extra fuel unflooding the engine. The real sign that you have a flooding condition is that it clears up completly and runs great as its running out of fuel, once the fuel quits running in to the carb its left with just the fuel in the bowl. With no fuel entering the carb it can't flood itself out and runs like it should. Check the neddle an seat, float adjustment, also check for a leeking float. Turning the fuel off while the engine is running is how I test for a flooding condition, If the engine smooth's out and the rpm's pick up I know my engine is being flooded. Don't forget each time you let it run out of fuel it's also running out of oil!
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