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Default Re: Bearing Problems - Trying to identify/find parts

All the "real" bike shops don't carry things for 1 speed bikes, at least around here anyway. They stock all the like 40-speed bike stuff (I swear I saw a hub with +13 gears on the rear), but for cruiser bikes they all tell me to go where I go. And I'd rather not throw away a wheel I just paid $20 to re-spoke.

But I did get the thing back together. Ground off the outside of the nut where it was all torn up, and the bearing still fit on it perfectly fine so I'm not sure what the function of that outer metal was. Also took off the outer layer of the dust cap like the link above says how to do (used a cutting wheel instead). Works fine, no more noise and is smoother than factory (re-greased the whole thing). So I'll see how long it lasts.

The only thing that concerns me is there's about 1/2 millimeter gap between the dust cap and the hub which leads inside the hub. This thing is going to see A LOT of hard weather and crap once I get back to work. Will have to stay that way till I save the money to upgrade.

BTW: Love the worksman stuff. At least someone's producing a "heavy" bike.
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