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Smile I Don't Want To Crush My Frame

Today I rode to work with my new Stream Liner rear tire and really felt the ride was better, smoother. It even added some top speed.

A half mile before arriving at work I heard my tire making a new noise. It was similar to hearing a truck rolling on the road with off-road tires. You know, that sort of rubber tire hum. I just thought it was my new tire on a clean surface making noise. When I got to work and looked at my bicycle I saw that the friction drive motor mount had shifted backward just a tiny bit and the tire was rubbing against it.

I didn't have the tools to loosen the mount and move it. Luckily I got a coworker to take me and my bicycle home. The rear tire didn't show much wear.

As it is, my mount is clamped really tight. One side is the U-bracket and on the other side of the chain stays it the straight piece of metal. There are three bolts holding those two pieces together with the chain stays in the middle. The flat piece of metal is already bending at the edges. If I make it any tighter I fear that the frame chain stays will start to get crushed.

What suggestions would you give to me to keep that mount from moving? Already it is twisting just a bit. That causes it to move the roller out of alignment with the tire.

I was thinking of using some type of hose clamp to pull it tight but I don't think they would work bent around such a flat piece of metal. The metal clamp would probably break with such a sharp bend, if not immediately then after a while.

This could be a job for super glue, but: I intend to move this kit to a different bicycle more suited to it. First I need to put together some extra cash for that purpose. I've posted about this in another thread asking for advice on inexpensive bicycles. (Please visit that thread and give your suggestions.)

All suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.
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