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Default Re: Dual Brake Lever - Info. 2 share

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

Using The Dual Brake With Thumb Throttle Off Of Atv, Seems To Be A Quailty Item. Have Not Heard Of Any Recall`s, Which Is A Bit Of Comfort. Have Thought Of Installing A Front Fork With Rim And Disc Brake. Hook The Rim Brake To A Left Hand Lever For Safety/backup.

Imho Here Is A Comparison Of Adjusting One Brake Loose And One Close. If You Take A Automobile With 4 Wheel Hydrualic Drum Brakes - Adjust The Shoe`s Close On One Axle And The Brake Shoe`s Loose On The Other Axle.

The Result Is; It Takes More Pedal Travel And Brake Fluid To Get The Slack Out Of The System. Then Line Pressure Build`s Equailly In The System. (using The Old Single Style Master Cylinder With One Plunger). Line pressure is equal. they use different bore wheel cylinders and shoe size`s to get desired results.

The Dual Lever Brake Will Not Apply Pressure Until The Slack Is Out Of The Cables. Farracing And I Used The Dual Master Cyclinders With Adjustable Balance Bar To Regulate Brake Bias Front To Rear in our race cars. You Will Get Lapped In A Hurry Without It. Nascar, Everbody Use`s It Now.

Remember This Is My Opinion. "I Thought I Was Wrong Once, But I Was Mistaken!". Lol

Later My Friends. Ron .
Right - because there's a rocking bar the cables attach to w/dual pull 4-wheeler levers, I thought this bicycle variant didn't have one (that it was just cast) so the outer cable would have more pull...

I just double checked and to my surprise it does have the rocking bar hidden away in there! So I stand corrected on that and no wonder I've had problems trying to get the front to brake hard enough (for my taste) sorry 'bout that mixup *blush* That's what I get fer assumptions lol

Still, now knowing this I'm gonna play with my new drum brakes & that bike - I personally really do prefer the "heavy front brake" camp with two wheels (ideal conditions) and I really like being able to use both with variable amounts of pressure separate from one another (depending on wet/dry/sandy/icy). This is my first dual brake lever TBH and I've had mixed feelings about it - it's definitely safe I'll grant ya'll that, convenient too, but I still think of it as a compromise *shrug*

Pesky personal preferences

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