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Dude, help me out...I richen up my motor, and all of a sudden I can hit 35mph...but my idle is barely running with the screw turned all the way in. 35:1 AMSOil, NGK plug. The low end is HORRIBLE. I moved the clip to the third slot down from the blunt end. It was on the last slot - lean - before, and I had decent low end, but great mid, boggy high.... I know the high end now was too lean, but I guess the way I was riding it (half throttle) it was rich enough to give me a nice brown plug.

I'm actually ready to move on to a better bike and new motor, but don't know what to buy, or who from, and who's got anything in stock. But before I do anything, I want to get my motor right.

I ported both ports like you suggested, so that's no longer any type of bottleneck. I also have an o-ring in the carb to prevent air leaks - but I'm ready to pull it out and let some more in if nobody can give me a better suggestion.

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