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Default Re: Dual Brake Lever - Info. 2 share

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post's simply because braking conditions are variable and the dual brake lever prevents variable use.
I've gotta say I disagree here. At this point the rider provides the variation in how they operate the brake lever.

Before I started riding motorized bikes I rode pedal bikes for 10 years as my only means of transportation. On my non-motorized TREK i have both brakes, disc, set with the pads as close as possible without rubbing. When I have to stop I use mostly my front brake and have done 3 front wheel wheelies, in panic stops, without going over the bars. I learned how to use my brakes on my pedal bikes and I love going as fast as I can on my pedal bikes so I need to be able to stop, very fast stops at times from speeds in excess of 20 miles an hour.

On my motor bike i have a dual pull lever and I love it. Front and back brakes, rim style brakes, I set the pads as close to the rims as I can without them rubbing the rims. I now control how hard my brakes stop me. If I am making a panic stop, my weight is shifting from the seat to my pedals and moving towards the back of the bike. If the bike starts to raise the rear wheel off the ground, I LET OFF the brakes, the rear wheel comes back down on the ground and I am at a stand still, stopped with my feet on the ground. Which is much easier when I don't have to un-clip from my pedals like I would have to also do on my pedal bike to avoid falling over.

But, like barely stated, this is just how I do it. We are all just sharing our own personal experiences here and it's all in the hopes of furthering everyone's knowledge.
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