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Default Re: No more custom sprocket adapters :(

Jim's Business will be a lot healthier if he can produce some amount of volume and standardize to some extent parts. It will mean more parts. In the case of hubs there are so many variations of really crappy hubs with inferior bearings that often are different on the same brand and model bicycles that just ascertaining the correct hub is a major chore. If you are looking for reliability and speeds in excess of 20 mph over long distances it makes sense to use a good hub. Having a premiere sprocket adapter and sprocket makes a perfect match for a higher quality hub for a professional build. When you talk about custom work, 50 units is not exactly mass production. Instead of worrying about patents and others stealing ideas maybe you should be encouraging those with deep pockets to order 50 units of their favorite crummy hub and sell the other 49 here on the swap. Failing that, Pirate Cycles seems to be doing a pretty good job of solving the problem for 99 percent of us at this time. Otherwise you should stay on the rag.
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