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Default Re: Is EPA shutting down 2 strokes?
Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
The EPA doesn't do "embargos" or even "ban" engine types - they regulate emission laws with the primary impact effecting new, registered vehicles such as those for marine use (2 stroke outboards).

EVERY year we get the same panic story, EVERY year we ask for concrete proof - any actual substantiation for the rumors generated by a few unscrupulous four-stroke vendors, EVERY year we get nothing but more rumors and hearsay... yet the engines are always still available.

It's true the supply dwindles and the price goes up about this time of year - but that's got much more to do with the summer riding season and supply and demand than anything else. I suspect were any of this founded in fact - actual proof (copies of EPA regulation, licensing, tariffs, etc.) would be posted all over the net, yet there's nothing but rumor.

Instead what we get is this: EPA ban two-stroke - Google Search - with the same old panic every year like clockwork for at least the past decade with the US Environmental Protection Agency itself saying nothing at all...
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