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Default Re: Nothin but problems ='( (FIXED ZOMG!)

WELL! Been a while since i updated...

I got a new motor mount on courtesy of SBP. **** went together solid. SO, started messing with the carb for a couple days. Bent the arm, no luck. Then soldered the main, and used a bread twist tie to make the hole smaller. Mixture seemed alot better! Then went for a ride and my tank started leaking...this was the second one mind you...

So i gave up, put my bike on Craigslist as is and pretended she didnt exist. Well after no responses, and a couple weeks, i decided to **** with her some more....

Last night I removed the ghetto tensioner, took a couple links out of the 415, and boy what a difference. Thing rides like an actual bicycle now, butter smoooth... so that motivated me to do somthing about the tank...

I took a cheapo aluminum bottle from walmart, drilled a hole slightly larger than the fuel line, and liquid gastkited all around it. Then ziptied it to the frame right below my nuts. Well to my surprise, **** actually worked, doesnt leak a drop, looks hella sleeper style and the bike has NEVER RAN BETTER!!! i am a happy man. I cant believe I was trying to sell her. I am in love all over again haha Pics soon i promise!

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