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Default Re: Clutch help needed!!!!

Originally Posted by corgi1 View Post
" "page 5 engine parts,mandrel

Thanks for the link. I see they're only $3 and a new flower nut is $4. All this headache over $7 worth of parts. Sheesh.

Once I get some time in the new week I'll try cutting new threads first and see if that works. Once the clutch gear is off and the clutch lever depressed it looks like the threads on the mandrel protrude far enough so that new threads can be cut without cracking open the cases and disassembling the engine which should be a time-saving bonus. If that doesn't work then I'll have to go the long route and order the replacement parts and crack the engine open. Either way this whole situation 'sucks' since it puts me several days behind in having my bike on the road. But it's already been almost a year since I got the kit so what's a few extra days eh? LOL

I'll let you guys know how it works out.
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